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Sean Heeran, M.A.

Sean Heeran is a Life Coach with a Master's degree in Counseling. He is also, you guessed it, my brother! I highly recommend him, and while I may be a bit biased, I have seen the results he achieves. He is compassionate, analytic and believes in helping people reach their goals. Life coaching enables Sean to work on a sliding-scale basis and provide excellent coaching at accessible prices. Please visit his website at for more information and to connect with Sean.

The Jung Institute, LA

The Kieffer E. Franz clinic at The Jung Institute, LA, offers Jungian analysis on a sliding scale. To apply, go to their website for the forms or call (323) 306-9945 

Painting on Canvas

Perry Baker, Astrologist

Perry Baker has studied astrology for over 15 years. To get a chart reading, email him at

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