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Katie Heeran, MA, LMFT, RYT is a Licensed Therapist specializing in helping people work with themselves in a deeper way. She is also a certified yoga instructor. In her therapeutic work, she is greatly influenced by the work of Carl Jung and has been accepted into the prestigious post-graduate program at The Jung Institute, Los Angeles. Katie sees through the lens of depth and analytic psychology. Katie has spent the last 16 years committed to her own inner work and to an ongoing relationship to change.

She fully believes in the power innate in human beings that propels us to become more conscious, and live meaningful lives and acknowledges the equally powerful forces working against that. If your intention is a commitment to yourself, working with Katie can give you the skills you need to grow, push past prior limitations and truly transform.

From the age of 15, I battled through the living hell that is food addiction, later struggling with drug use as well. I was self-medicating deeper pain. These personal demons helped me know intimately the challenges of depression, anxiety, trauma and poor-to-nonexistent self-esteem, among other things. Through a willingness to really LOOK at myself, I was able to make my way out of that living hell. I now know a part of my purpose in life is to be with others in their suffering and to transform it, together. It can be done. I say that from getting to the other side myself. 

I have learned tons of practical tools along the way, and I will bring those out in our work together. That said, the most important thing was learning how to truly “become myself.” There is  no technique for that because becoming one’s truest self is a process – one so meaningful that it goes beyond the ability words have to capture it. You will start to feel yourself, and truly know yourself. In my experience, there is nothing like it. 

Carl Jung said, “Man will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing his own soul.”     I believe this is true. It can be so hard to look within! Truly brave people face themselves. We  can either avoid, deny, hide, fear, numb, use, eat, drink, etc., or…turn around and face the person who was running. I did it. You can. This act is a choice. 

In life, you can’t keep from going into the dark places once in a while. The trick is in knowing how to handle it during the visit. I’ve learned how to do this and together, I believe we can get through the challenges you are facing.

Life is whole -- both light and dark. There is no escaping that unless you are numbing yourself to all of it, and we all know that is not living. It is in knowing how to bear and then transform your suffering and getting connected to your deeper nature and creativity that will give you purpose, meaning, and more happiness. I want that for you!

You are meant to have a meaningful life! I truly believe that with all of my being. If you feel ready for the journey, my hand is outstretched. I look forward to connecting.

To Alchemy and Meaning,

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If your route to growth is therapy, congratulations on being willing to look deeper into yourself. I see through the lens of depth psychology and am especially influenced by the work of Carl Jung. While I believe each person is whole, I’ve discovered that most people don’t feel like they are reaching anywhere close to their full potential. I really hope to help you get closer to living the life you imagine and having a life that is rich and meaningful in all ways. To learn more about Jungian terms, click the purple box to the right of this section.


No cookie-cutter, one size fits all coaching here! While many of us struggle with similar challenges, you are an individual whose challenges and gifts manifest in a way unique to you. SILC™ sessions honor that by using strategies tailored to your individualized or company needs. Whether you’re looking for health coaching, spiritual counseling, are dealing with a specific issue, or need an overall Life Coach, I can work with it. I utilize my 16+ years of experience in the field. I intuitively connect in specific relationship to you or your company - getting you exactly where you want to go.


I got into yoga while struggling with an eating disorder that almost killed me. It was an attempt to heal myself from food issues while also getting a “yoga body.” As you can see from that statement, I had no idea then what yoga actually WAS, but it started weaving its way into my life.  It was the final pose in yoga – Savasana (or Corpse Pose) -- that hooked me. I experienced my own energy in a way I never had before. Finally, I was IN my body. And it felt amazing. Yoga was an integral piece of conquering my eating disorder, alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety, and discovering more compassion for myself and others. 

One-on-one private yoga instruction with me offers you a chance to connect to your Deeper Nature, learn the poses and alignment correctly and safely, and form a healthier, more vibrant connection to yourself through your body and breath. 

My yoga philosophy is simple – You are the authority of your own body. Breathe and listen to it.

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I am based in the Greater Los Angeles area.

If you'd like to book me for a personal appearance, please make sure to provide the name of your organization or broadcast/production entity. 

For private sessions, include the best time of day to reach you in your message.

Thanks for reaching out to me. Katie

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