What’s the point of going to hell and coming out alive and not telling anyone how you did it?! One of Katie’s greatest passions is sharing her journey with others. She offers hope, inspiration and practical, clear-cut strategies on how your audience can navigate through their own darkness and achieve their own goals. She is available to speak at your motivational or inspirational event.

Katie is also available for business consultations. Sometimes, the best approach for identifying the most effective way for entrepreneurs and small business owners to motivate people is engaging a professional, outside perspective. And not in a, I’m going to waltz in and judge everyone kind of way. More like, let’s work together better so we can all get on better and make more money! Because that’s what we’re really talking about, yes?

With an unbiased view of the interpersonal dynamics of your company, Katie can offer the necessary tools to help you overcome your business’ greatest challenges. Kindly call or email Asher at for more information.