Private Yoga Instruction

Katie Heeran has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. Drawn to it out of curiosity and a desire to heal, she stayed with it having experienced a calmer mind, a healthier body and a more compassionate, less-anxious nature.

Katie became more serious about her commitment to her own practice in 2007, the same time she began intensive, depth-oriented inner work through Jungian analysis. She found the two wove together beautifully. Katie also practices svadhyaya, or “self-study” in Sanskrit. She especially enjoys reading the works of Carl Jung (psychologist and yogi), Rumi (poet and philosopher), Lao Tzu (Chinese philosopher) and yoga masters Pantanjali and T.K.V. Desikachar.

Katie earned her master’s degree in 2010 for Clinical Psychology from Antioch University and earned her certification in yoga instruction the same year. She has been teaching classes at Black Dog Yoga (one of LA Weekly’s Top Ten Yoga Studios in Los Angeles) ever since. Katie utilizes a blend of proper alignment, touch, humor and healing energy in her instruction techniques.

Katie also offers private yoga instruction based out of Los Angeles, her clientele coming mainly through referrals. Katie loves working with people who wish to grow and transform on any level and is inspired by her students daily.

Inquire by email or call to schedule private yoga sessions with Katie!