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Katie Heeran is a licensed therapist and Strategic-Intuitive™Life Coach specializing in the transformation of negative habits into strengths.

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Katie Heeran, M.A., LMFT, RYT is a Licensed Therapist and Founder of Strategic-Intuitive™ Life Coaching, with coaching clients worldwide. Katie specializes in TRANSFORMATION. She empowers clients to manifest more of their full potential and authentic life purpose. As a therapist, she sees through the lens of depth psychology. Katie also dislikes writing in the third person. Don’t we all write our own bios, anyway? Methinks the secret is long out. But, I digress. So, hi! If you’re here, and you’re ready to improve your life, we should talk. I’ve spent the last 10 years hustling to learn all the best ways to positively and powerfully affect change in my own life and the lives of my clients. It has not been easy, but it has been SO worth it…and I’m a natural cynic, so my work was cut out for me. That’s my way of telling you, “You CAN do this,” whatever your “this” is. Your work with me will give you the skills you need to GROW, to PUSH PAST prior limitations and truly TRANSFORM. Are you ready?


Katie is here to help you gain access to your soul's needs, wishes, and your own Individual Quest. Her job is to empower you to create the life you seek, which she very much believes is also seeking you.


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What I paid people to say about me

Katie has been there, so she gets addictive behavior and other things:  bullying, feeling different, not fitting in, not being heard, etc.  She continues to do her own work.  What she has to offer a client is not pure book learning, but real-life experience crafted and honed by education, esp. Jungianism. She listens. She cares. She’s resilient.  She thinks outside the box.  She does not allow herself or her thoughts to be confined or defined by ‘rules,’ in the sense of ‘it’s always been done this way or this is THE way something is/should be done.’ She has struggled, so she understands struggle.  She lives (or tries to live) what she believes.

Mark H.

There’s no one better apt to show people how to turn a negative into a positive than Katie. And not with new age ‘sunshine up your ass’ bulls*#t, but real, practical life advice and direction. She has been through the suckage that life can hand a person, so her wisdom is worth so much more than the average coach, who may have never ‘played.’ I recommend her life approach to anyone who needs realistic and kind solutions for a life that’s far from perfect.

Ellie Z.

Katie is very supportive and has an uplifting energy.  When my class numbers were low, Katie would come to my class, just so I might have bodies in class and to somehow keep a good energy level in the room.  Some days even when she was tired, she’d still showed up and simply let me know that she wouldn’t push herself that day. She is a real advocate for health and wellness.  From just hearing of the struggles she’s had with her own body, body image and how she overcame  these issues makes me very aware that Katie has a deep understanding there and that she is passionate about helping others who are struggling.

Shielu B.

I first came to Katie because she was recommended by a friend. I wanted to work on Career and Health goals. I am happy to say I have achieved a lot of the goals I set. What I did not expect was going to a whole other level in terms of expanding my own view of myself and my life. The self-awareness I have now continues to inform the goals I set for myself and keeps me going forward. I recommend Katie highly.

Shayla A.


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